Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy (VT) is a treatment process which improves the neuro-muscular connections in the visual system to gain better control over eye movements, improve vision, and reduce stress on the system. Vision Therapy is used to treat disorders that cannot be treated successfully with just glasses, contacts, or surgery.

Dr. Sparks will use specific testing to evaluate every potential Vision Therapy patient. If she determines that Vision Therapy may be a successful treatment, our program involves both in-office and home-based activities and every patient’s program is individualized.

Symptoms of disorders that may be improved with vision therapy:

  • Double vision
  • headaches
  • eye strain/fatigue
  • reduced school performance

Common Conditions Treated with Vision Therapy:

  • Strabismic Disorders/Eye Turn: outward (exotropia), inward (esotropia), vertical (hypertropia)
  • Non-Strabismic Binocular Dysfunction: Eye tracking disorders, accommodative (focusing) disorders, convergence disorders
  • Amblyopia: Weak vision in one eye due to eye turn or prescription difference between the eyes

Thank you for considering Eaton Rapids Eye Care, PC for your Vision Therapy needs.

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